Autoresponder with Roundcube and Goldfish

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When you use the famous Goldfish autoresponder and got the webmail client Roundcube installed, you might realize that there is no native option in roundcube where users are able to configure the autoresponder by themselves. We have extended a roundcube plugin that is able to do this very task.

Once installed, the plugin will be available under settings in roundcube and looks like this:


Originally, Eugene Sklyar wrote a tutorial in which he described the installation of his self-written roundcube autoresponder plugin. Now, we have extended and improved this plugin. Futhermore, some (rather severe) bugs have been fixed and some features were added – but of course, all props for the original plugin go to Eugene Sklyar!


At first, you have to modify the autoresponder–table where all auto replies are being saved. We will add a force_disabled field that activates / deactivates the autoresponder for a user.

For that, we use the following sql-query (there is also a CREATE-table statement included in the download archive that you find at the very bottom of this post):

ALTER TABLE autoresponder ADD `force_disabled` tinyint(4) NOT NULL default 1 AFTER enabled;

Now, the goldfish-script has to be changed (in our case located at /root/goldfish.php). Search for $conf["q_forwardings"] and replace that line with

$conf[‚q_forwardings‘] = "SELECT * FROM `autoresponder` WHERE `enabled` = 1 AND `force_disabled` = 0";

Next, the line with $conf["q_enable_forwarding"] has to be changed to

$conf['q_enable_forwarding'] = "UPDATE `autoresponder` SET `enabled` = 1 WHERE `from`= CURDATE() OR `to`='0000-00-00');";

At next, download the package and move the autoreply-folder to your roundcube plugins-directory.

Now, the – file of the plugin has to be edited. Make sure that you change the $rcmail_config[‚autoreply_db_dsn‘] line to reflect your situation.

The last configuration step is to edit the roundcube config at config/ Here you have to add the autoresponder-plugin to $rcmail_config[‚plugins‘]

In our case, it looks like this:

$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('myothercoolplugin', 'autoreply');

That’s it!

Okay, the setup is done. After login, you will find a new tab “Auto Reply” under Settings. A German translation is available. Feel free to ask / criticize / use the plugin. Again, special thanks to Eugene for his useful script.


You can find the whole script here:

roundcube-goldfish-autoresponder-v2.0 (11KB)